8 Ways To Create An Inviting Guest Bedroom

We love entertaining and sometimes we get to play host to our friends and family. Even though these people have known us for years, we still take a moment to refresh their bedroom and bedding.  We open the windows, plump up the accent cushions, and check the en-suite shower room.  A simple wipe over with surface cleaner and a squirt of bleach in the en-suite quickly revives the room.  We tend to use scented candles rather than plug-in air fresheners to add a scent to the room.

Our guests always get the best bed linen and have a dressing gown hanging on the back of their door. The funniest moment was seeing my hairy 16 year old nephew swan out of his room in a sexy silk blue dressing gown that has a huge gold dragon embroidered on it.  Interestingly, he was quite comfortable in it so we didn’t ask him to change.

For women, we always buy a small posy of yellow roses and place them in a cut crystal vase. It is highly satisfying when they see their room and coo that it is like a hotel room and then joke that they have packed the bed linen when they are leaving!

So, that’s how we do it.  I’ve found a beautifully illustrated article by Beth who explains her top 8 Ways To Create A Warm & Inviting Guest Room. Please click on the links to read her suggestions.

by Loretta Cotterell

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