A New Table For My Garden Studio For Just £5!

I love rummaging around second-hand sales and trying to find little gems to add to my collection. My bargain of the week is this fabulous solid wood coffee table that I bought when my mum tricked me into taking her to an animal rescue centre!

As it happened, my good deed was rewarded as she got to see the little animals and it was a fluke that the centre had a little shop full of home accessories and clothes and funriture etc that people had donated so they can raise money.  My usual routine is to wander around and look uninterested and then pounce when I see something I like.  One fabulous collapsible book shelf sold the second I took a loo break!  Can you believe it?

So, I kept hunting and just went we were walking away to get a coffee, a volunteer worker said he would have failed unless he’d made me buy something.  I laughed because I’d been searching for twenty minutes and hadn’t found anything I like apart from the book shelf.

He was in charge of furniture, so he dug underneath lots of magazine racks and small coffee tables to reveal a decent sized solid pine coffee table. I winced because it was so scratched but he said he would only charge me a fiver, so I snapped it up.  He even helped carry it to the car.  What a lovely guy!

So, a deep sand and some left-over paint later, I now have a fabulous coffee table for my garden studio, where I work.

I’d love to hear if you have also managed to transform some sad looking pieces of furniture into something fabulous. Just register now and add your story to the site.

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