Create A Relaxing Home Environment

Most of us would be grateful for some peace and quiet in our lives.  It is usually when we get home from work that we just need to sit for a second and psychologically release the events of the day.  Some of us have habits that sub-consciously indicate to our brain that we can rest now, for example: taking off your watch, having a shower or just getting changed into a more comfortable outfit are all alerts that tell your body to rest.

Our home’s atmosphere is a core ingredient in encouraging us to unwind.  Here are some of our style ideas that will help you sooth your daily tensions.

Daylight: Everyone smiles when the sun is out so try and let as much sunlight as possible into the house. The best way to do this is by keeping your windows fresh and opening your drapes and shutters each day.  If the house is over-looked, use sheer voile material to provide a private screen from your neighbours.

Flooring:  If you don’t have kids painting pictures and making a mess, use light colored flooring surfaces to help build a sense of space. Choosing pale natural shades for your flooring will provide you with a great base to start your colour scheme.  If you prefer wooden floors, then sand your floorboards, fill in any gaps and varnish them to help prolong their life.

Colours:  Colors can have a direct affect on your mood.  Avoid vivid wall colours and choose simple whiites, pale greens, greys and blue.

Accessories:   You can add more vibrant tones to your room’s colour scheme through your accessories and soft furnishings.  Take the opportunity to vary the types of materials you use on your cushions and curtains.

Ornaments: Choose pretty decorations that are attractive to the eye and spiritual symbols that are associated with serenity.  Simple decorations of a happy Buddha, angels or flowers work well.

Artwork:  Select pictures and oil paintings that make you smile every time you look at them.  Or choose images of nature where you notice a different detail when you walk by them. Surround yourself with positive images.

Plants: House plants are beautiful to look at and offer the fresh air that we need to survive.  You may choose to place larger plants in window bays to obscure the view into your home, rather than use curtains. Choose plants that are easy to maintain so that looking after them is a pleasure.

Scents:  Keep your home smelling fresh and lovely.  Open your windows daily to let fresh air swirl throughout the house.  Even in the winter you should open the windows to avoid the musty smell you associate with older houses.  Use natural scents such as lavendar, jasmine, orange, mandarin and rose to help bring summer into your home all year round.

by Loretta Cotterell

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