Create Funky Handbag Storage for Under £5

I’m a proud owner of lots of lovely handbags that find their way into every room in our house. I am not so proud to say that many of them also look the same – or at least very similar. So, in an effort to keep them all in one place – and to prevent similar purchases, I finally cracked and put up these simple IKEA kitchen rails on the back of my bedroom door.  Hanging your handbags makes them less likely to crease as they aren’t piled up on top of each other.

Here’s how you do it:09 - Handbag Storage

1 – Check that your door is made of wood. Or that it at least has cross-beams made of wood that will take the weight of your fabulous bags.

2 – Measure the width of your door.

3 – Visit Ikea and buy 2 x BYGEL kitchen rails at £1.50 each. They come in different lengths so check your measurements.

4 – Rummage through your garage and choose 4 screws to attach the rails to the door.

5 – Visit Asda or Tesco and buy their cheapest plain white plastic shower curtain for £1.00. It comes with at least 12 shower curtain hooks that you will use to clip your handbags onto the rails.

6 – Measure where you want to attach your rails and use a spirit level to ensure they are up straight.

7 – Be smug that you are so fabulously organised!

My confession is that I also have another rail on the wall behind the door just for black handbags.

Loretta Cotterell


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