How To Accessorise Your Home To Suit Your Tastes

Where do we start?

Often the main furnishings and larger pieces in a room will be fairly neutral, leaving scope for splashing out with the accessories. Stand back and take a look at the room – gauge the areas that lack interest and consider ways of livening them up. This balancing act is sometimes hard to achieve successfully – too many accessories look cluttered and busy, whereas too few can look lost. Experiment with different positions and placings and the answers will eventually present themselves.


What do we mean by accessories?

Well, simply the stuff we use to accent, augment and enhance an interior. Things such as mirrors, picture frames, cushions, candlesticks, ornamental pottery and lamps – these all come within the accessory category. Adding decorative touches, introducing colour and contrast and stamping your personality on a room are all good reasons for getting busy with the accessories.

A home devoid of accessories can appear sterile and cold. The things we choose to dress our homes reflect who we are to a certain extent. A room peppered with quirky vintage finds hints at a resident with a fondness for tradition and nostalgia for days gone by. Combining vintage accessories with contemporary furnishings results in interiors bursting with vitality. Nothing looks more stylish than one of today’s fabulous glass dining tables set for dinner with vintage crockery, glassware, candlesticks and linen. Or try matching up a set of six original retro chairs with a contemporary dining table for super sophisticated suppers. If approached with confidence and panache the meetings of old and new styles look fantastic.

Grouping pictures, ornamental plates or vintage mirrors together on a wall livens up dull areas such as stairwells or hallways. In the bedroom use old style bed linens and fabrics to spread instant vintage charm.  Cover cushions and upholstery with delicate floral prints to ramp up the nostalgic mood and let the romance in.  Framed antique black and white photographs hung on the wall keep things going in a vintage direction and make a refreshing change from the primary colours of modern wall art.

Old lamps and shades in the vintage style can be used effectively to brighten up featureless spaces. Create focus with a twinkling antique chandelier or group suspended retro pendant shades for a dramatic light show.

Consider colour carefully. Spice up dull schemes with explosions of colour courtesy of ceramics, throws, rugs, vintage enamel signs and glassware. Be bold – remember that playing safe with wall finishes and sofa shades releases you to go crazy with the jewel-coloured accessories!

The world of interior accessories offers us the opportunity to personalise our homes, making them warm welcoming spaces that are a joy to inhabit. As with any successful interior scheme the devil is in the detail – choosing stuff that puts a smile on the face as well as looking fabulous is what we should be aiming for. And by following the vintage route to home accessories the prospects for achieving this look have never been better.

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