How To Add An Injection Of Colour Into Your Home

Finding a balance between creating an uninspiring magnolia colour scheme and a colour over-load can be difficult.  In the summer when we have long, bright days, some of us go crazy and decorate our rooms with dark or imposing colours.  It is only when the winter draws in and the days shorten that we need to think about lightening up our colour choices.

The biggest challenge that we have with colour in our home decoration; is where should we use it and how much can we use?  As with most things in life, moderation is the key.  Painting our walls is the easiest way transform the look of a room and then using finishing touches such as soft furnishings and accessories will complete the look.

If you have a bright room with large windows and plenty of daylight flooding in, then you can confidently add a more vibrant shade to your room.  Creating a feature wall or highlighting an architectural detail or fireplace with rich tones can be very effective. Choosing deep colours that you imagine a queen wearing will do the trick: ruby red, amethyst purple, emerald green and sapphire blue all work well.

Some people prefer to choose a more neutral colour as the base for their room’s colour scheme.  Using colours that occur in nature works well here: pebble beige, pale green, sky blue and moody greys can be successful and provide a relatively neutral backdrop to your furniture and furnishings.

If you are nervous about decorating your entire room in a rich shade, then try and introduce colour through your home accessories and even carefully chosen wall art.  You could try and match some of your soft furnishings such as rugs, accent pillows and curtains to your feature walls.  You need to be careful not to overload your guests with colour, or take the attention away from your feature wall.

You also need to consider whether you are trying to achieve a contemporary look or traditional feel to your room.  For example, using stark white walls with light coloured beech or birch wood, smooth shaped glass and metallic accessories would give a more modern finish to your room.  Whereas dressing your room with wallpaper, rich mahogany wood side tables, brass lamp standards and intricately cut glass vases and candlesticks would create a more traditional feel.  Try and spend some time looking through home decorating magazines for inspiration to see what style you can live with and that you think fairly represents who you are.

by Loretta Cotterell

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