How To Sew A Cushion Pad For Your Kitchen Chair

We think that it is better if your kitchen chairs have a seat cushion on them so that you can comfortably sit on them while you are enjoying your meals.  The pads when put on your hard wooden kitchen chairs, allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. We think that making seat cushions is simple enough and that by creating them yourself, you can choose the right fabric to match your colour scheme and save money in the process.

The procedure of making the cushion pads is easy.  Just buy some plain or patterned fabric and a little foam.  You can get away with foam that is just one inch think or you can choose a deeper thickness if you prefer.  Please note that the tougher the foam you choose, the more difficult it will be trying to sew the pad.

We suggest that you choose a more hard-wearing fabric as it will have to cope with various shoes and bottoms being placed upon it.  We suggest you choose tougher fabrics such as corduroy, denim, heavy-weight cotton or nylon.  After buying the fabric you need to run it through a light wash in your washing machine. This will prevent it from shrinking at a later date when you launder the cushions.  Once the fabric that has been washed spread it out on the table.

Next you need to measure the chair seat to work out how big you want your cushions.  It is easier if you cut a piece of cardboard into the size you need so you can use it as a template for all of the chair pads you need to make. Allow at least ¼ of an inch all the way around the template to allow for your sewing seams.

Now draw around the slightly larger cardboard template onto the material to create your first pad and cut around the design. Now repeat the process to create the other side of the cushion.  Then repeat this until you have two sides for every chair you want to create a cushion for.  Put two pieces of material together so that the pattern is on the inside. Sew around the front and sides of the chair pad leaving space for the foam to be inserted and for the chair ties to be added later.

To make the ties that hold the cushion on to the chair: cut long strips of material to the desired length. Then lay them patterned side up on the table and fold them length-ways so that the ties are inside out. You then need to sew around two edges, leaving one short end open so that you can pull the material through so the pattern is now on the outside. You will need four ties for each pad as two ties tie together around the chair back.

Now place two of the ties next to each other according to the location of supports on your chair back rest.  Sew these to the material that forms the cushion pad. Repeat this process for the other two ties. Sew any remaining gap on the cushion cover until you just have enough space to insert your foam pad.

Use the cardboard template to cut your foam to the desired size of the cushion cover.  Turn the material for the cushion pad inside out so that you can now see the pattern on the outside and have the ties dangling on the outside.  Insert the foam pad into the material and adjust it so that it sits neatly. Hand sew the remaining gap so that the foam paid is completely sealed.  Now, just tie the cushion pad to your dining chair and make a cup of tea before starting the next one!

by Loretta Cotterell


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