How To Sew A Table Cloth

Making a table cloth is an easy craft project that you can complete in a couple of hours.  There are a few things that you must have before you start the process.  Among the most important items that you must have include; a sewing machine, fabric, scissors, a fabric marking pen, an iron, an ironing board and thread.

You start by measuring the table top with a tape measure so that you can get the dimensions on the table and write them on a piece of paper.  You need to decide what length to make your table cloth.  For example, if you need a table cloth for daily use, you don’t need a large overhang.  Just allow an extra 8-10 inches all the way around.  If you are using an expensive, luxurious fabric for evening entertaining, you should allow a generous overhang to give a more glamorous finish.  Do add on an extra inch all the way around to allow for your seams and choose a machine washable fabric in a cotton or polyester blend.

Always wash your fabric before you cut anything.  This will ensure that it doesn’t shrink once it is used.  The fabric should then be laid out wrong side up so that you can mark out the size you require.  Cut the fabric.

Use tacks to pin back the edges of the fabric so that you can create a ½ inch hem all the way around the table cloth.  If you prefer, you can use the iron to press the hem so that it stays in place when you sew it.

Using the sewing machine, stitch the hem and gently swivel the fabric at each corner to ensure that the hem line is even.  We suggest that you use a thread that matches the colour of your fabric.  At this point you have created a simple table cloth so you can remove the tacks and give it one last press before use.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose to add some finishing touches.  Hand-stitching four heavy tassels on each corner will help the table cloth stay in place. Or if your sewing machine has ability to create embroidery, you could choose to create an elegant centre-piece on your table cloth.

Our simple tips for making your table cloth:

  • Decide whether it is an every-day or entertaining table cloth.
  • Choose a classic fabric with a pattern that will on-trend and last for years.
  • Always buy slightly more fabric than you think you need to allow for hems and shrinking.
  • The hem must be thoroughly pressed to give it a good finish.
  • Always choose matching thread instead of contrasting colors.
  • Making two table cloths at a time as it is easier to do more in one go than it is to start again later.

Making table cloths is really easy if you own a sewing machine.  If you find that you have a talent for it and your friends keep complementing you on your work, then why not earn some extra money and start selling your handmade table cloths?

by Loretta Cotterell


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