How To Sew A Wedding Chair Cover

When it comes to choosing a particular style of wedding chair covers, there are several different important factors that you must consider. An important factor to consider is your budget for decorating your wedding reception’s room.  Most of the people in modern day society are looking for the cheapest path to get the look they want.  You deserve to have a glamorous wedding ceremony and celebratory party and we think that it is okay make your own wedding chair covers to save some of your budget for the more important symbols – like wedding bands.

An economical way to turn your wedding venue and whole ceremony from drab to fab is by personalising those standard, functional, dining chairs and sewing the chair covers that match your wedding theme and colour scheme.  By using different patterns and material textures, the chairs will create a feminine, well-finished look for your guests to enjoy.  The best thing about making your own chair covers, rather than hiring them, is that you can re-use them for dinner parties, holiday celebrations or your future wedding anniversaries.

Now let’s see how easy it is to sew a wedding chair cover:

First of all take the measurements from the top to the desired length of the cover with a tape measure, then measure the width of the chair across the back support.  Lastly, measure the inside back support from the top to the chair seat.  Add ¼ inch to all of your measurements as you need to allow room for stitching.

Cut the fabric of your choice with scissors according to the taken measurements.   We suggest that you use simple colours so that you can re-use these chair covers over and over again. You only need two large strips of fabric.  Then lay the longer strip of fabric on the floor with the pattern facing up. Lay the shorter strip on top of the longer strip.

Pin the top, left and right sides every 1-1.5 inch. Leave a ¼ inch between the pins and the end of the fabric.  This will be the hem.

Sew the three sides with a good sewing machine, removing the pins as you go.  Fold the back flap a ¼ inch.  The back flap will be a layer of fabric which will cover the legs of the chair then iron the finished product for a professional finish.  After that, put the covers of the chair on the chair turning them inside out so that the pattern is now on display.

Finally, tie a large piece of coloured tulle fabric across the bottom of the seat to get a polished look.  Tulle is cheap and goes with any texture or fabric.

These individual chair cover will help you to add an extra flair to your wedding ceremony. They give your guests something special to look at and you can boast that you created them!


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