Re-fitting Your Kitchen? Think Outside the Box & Save Money

When we moved into our house, we extended it in lots of directions to create the space we wanted. One of my favourite rooms is our fabulous kitchen-diner, which has plenty of storage and work surfaces and is perfect for entertaining.

It always pains me to part with money for essential items as I like spending my money on things I enjoy, like holidays and diamonds. Luckily, I have creative brothers who have saved me a fortune with their never-ending confidence in their ability to make things I need. My two kitchen favourites are the £1 vertical radiator and the £20 stainless steel splash-back.

We found a huge vertical radiator on eBay that had been painted, badly, in white emulsion. We were the only bidders because it looked so bad, so it cost us £1. My brother took it to his workshop and sanded and painted it in a beautiful grey-green metallic car paint to match my sage green kitchen walls. It looks fantastic and all my guests never notice it because it stretches floor to ceiling and looks like a flat wall. A new vertical radiator this size would cost well over £100. So, that’s a great saving.

Our other kitchen bargain is the stainless steel splash-back that sits behind the hob. Everywhere we searched online, the stainless steel splash-backs cost £50 and we were determined to keep our costs down. In the end, my brother took the measurements and marched into our local steel fabricators and asked them to cut us a piece of steel to our exact size. He returned all chuffed with himself as it just cost us £20 for a perfectly sized splash-back that fits seamlessly between our wall cupboards and the extractor fan.

I encourage you to become a bargain hunter so that you can spend your money on things you love, rather than on the boring must-haves. Personally, we prefer our home to look like our home, and for everything in it to have a story behind it. I don’t like it when I visit someone’s house and I can list where all their furniture and accessories have come from. If you are up for it, then start rummaging!  For those of you don’t want to save up to 60%, then please feel free to check out vertical radiators and stainless steel splash backs on Amazon.

by Loretta Cotterell –

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