Save Energy & Maintain Privacy: Protect Your Personal Data With Our Money-Saving Recycling Tip

Some of us are tuned in to the fact that companies make money by selling our personal data. Online, social networking sites that encourage us to share our private details, and the details of all our friends, are secretly selling our data to global advertising giants so that we receive ‘targeted’ ads based on the information we give them. Offline, we have some element of control as we have less chance of one of our friends giving away our personal details and putting us at risk of unwanted advertising, or identity-theft. Read our top tips to help protect your personal data.

In our home, we use a paper shredder to destroy any documents that state our name and address, or that would provide a fraudster with a list of companies that supply us goods and services. This helps us feel a bit more in control. However, the Council-appointed recycling firms won’t collect our shredded paper. They want us to drive it to the local recycling centre.

Initially, we donated the paper to people who had cats so they could use it as cat litter, and then we discovered a paper log maker. The log maker is a simple metal cage with a press that enables you to soak your old newspapers and mail and compress them into paper blocks that you can use as fuel. The bricks are easy to store and are ready to use as soon as they are dry. Whether you use them alone, or with wood, they help you start a roaring fire quickly and easily. As the bricks are just paper, they can also be used indoors in stoves and open fires, or in the garden for your fire-pit.

As a keen recycler, I was really excited when I realised that we could shred our unwanted mail and turn the remains into fuel for the wood-burning stove that heats our living room.  We are always looking out for pine cones, fallen branches and other bits and pieces to dry out and burn, so using our own rubbish to heat our home is a perfect way for us to complete the recycling process.  More importantly, the children in our family love making the mess required to soak the paper and press the bricks, so it has become a family affair.

If you are serious about recycling and serious about protecting your family’s private information, we think this is a great way to achieve both goals. Make your recycling fun and enjoy reaching for your free paper logs before you automatically turn on your central heating.

You can find great deals on Amazon, for Cross Cut Paper Shredders and for Paper Log Makers. Why not invest in them and start saving today?

by Loretta Cotterell –

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