Selecting the Ideal Cushions for Your Home

When buying new accent cushions, draw your pattern ideas from your flooring and pillows, furnishings, curtains and window covers and art work. Adding attractive pillows that work with the existing colours in your space will mean your new cushions blend in elegantly to your room design.

Consider your way of life and what the space is used for. In a living space where there are children and pets, opt for a practical, durable fabric such as cotton or even leather, as both of these materials can be washed or wiped clean. You could even combine more practical pillows with thicker tapestry pillows, artificial furs and silks and cushions made of a cotton/polyester mix. Basically, any material that can be washed easily. In an adult living space, you can use more delicate materials such as silks and wools, or more highly decorated beaded, sequinned or tasselled cushions.

When choosing what size of cushion to buy, think about the size of your room, the size of your furniture in that room and the materials and patterns of that furniture. Apart from looking out of place, a large scatter cushion can also take up too much space and make your house guests feel uncomfortable. It is okay to use 12″ x 12″ cushion on an armchair or sofa but using a smaller cushion will make it look lost. You can get away with larger 18″ x 18” cushions on large sofas where guests need back support to avoid sinking in to the chair.

If you want to use cushions to make a focal point in your room, choose unusual shapes and striking patterns or designs. Experiment with your bedding by buying or making pretty cushions that welcome guests to their temporary bedroom.

We are lucky and can find inspiration all around us for cushion patterns and designs. Why not treat yourself to a coffee in a posh hotel lounge and see what materials and trimmings their cushions have. Feel the textures and gauge your response to the designs, materials and comfort of each cushion you use. Read glossy home magazines and find out the latest trends and then try to re-create these by finding great deals online or in charity shops. Ultimately, only choose styles you are comfortable with and that will look fabulous in your home.

by Loretta Cotterell



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