Sunny days bring family parties

When I recall the crazy visits to my nan’s house, I picture the following:

Family gatherings: Whether forced or voluntary, we all used to descend upon my nan’s house for any event – Easter, Christmas, birthdays, or just because it was Sunday.  She was the perfect hostess who enjoyed having everyone over. Her ability to create elaborate buffets was second-to-none….it was just the basic cooking that she struggled with!

Place-settings:  Each event was meticulously planned like one of her silver service events.  She wouldn’t dream of using disposable plates and paper napkins. No, at her house the tables were laid so we could all sit together, and then cutlery, placemats, coasters, and crisp cotton napkins were arranged so that every guest felt important.  The center of the table was dressed with a pretty table runner and then every gap was filled with over-flowing serving dishes and cake stands that tempted you to leave room for dessert.

Laughter:  How else can you get through a day of opinionated relatives paying ther respects to our matriarch?  Whether it was being banned from playing in the garden with her neighbour’s children (for teaching them bad jokes), or being forced to wash up the ten thousand dishes she used preparing our meal, or watching her drop some of her false teeth down the side of the armchair, everything was an opportunity to laugh and make fun.

Hopefully, with the olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we all have extra reasons to bring our families and friends together this year. Let’s make it a great summer!

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